We offer comprehensive legal services relating to the resolution of business disputes through arbitration, domestic litigation and alternative dispute settlement mechanisms. We also advise on cross-border transactions with a focus on international and domestic trade and corporate law, as well as on international investment law and public international law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to methods and processes for resolving legal disputes outside of traditional litigation through the court system and outside of arbitration. ADR methods include a range of different techniques, such as mediation, conciliation, and negotiation, and offer several advantages, including cost savings, quicker resolutions, and more control over the outcome.

Our Experience

We have been assisting our clients as counsel in commercial, corporate, and investor-State disputes through various ADR processes, including negotiation, mediation, conciliation, and expert proceedings. These ADR processes can be ad hoc or conducted under the rules of an institution, such as the ICC, DIS, or ICSID. Our industry experience includes international sales and distribution, real estate, new technologies, banking & finance, and transportation.

One of the partners of the firm, Philipp Wagner, is a certified mediator and regularly serves as mediator with a focus on corporate and commercial conflicts.

Our Offer

Our ADR services include:

  • Identifying possible ADR options for a specific dispute
  • Coordination with third party funders (if required)
  • Representation in ADR processes
  • Advice on available legal remedies when ADR fails
  • Mediator services


Our experts for all ADR matters stand ready to assist you.

Philipp K. Wagner

With over 15 years of practice, Philipp K. Wagner brings a wealth of experience and a personal touch to the world of dispute resolution, with his work as an arbitration practitioner spanning multiple arbitral institutions across various industries and legal fields, with a particular focus on commercial and corporate law.

Joseph Schwartz

Next to his legal and economic expertise, Joseph Schwartz has a strong passion and understanding for technology, which includes IT, technical and construction/engineering matters, which he regularly uses as arbitrator, party counsel and advisor.

Florian Dupuy

Florian Dupuy advises clients in all matters of international arbitration and public international law, and as the head of the firm’s investment arbitration practice, has represented both States and investors in high-stakes disputes.

Laura Halonen

Laura Halonen has been a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales since 2005. Prior to joining WAGNER Arbitration in 2019, she worked for over a decade for leading international law firms in London, Paris and Geneva (where she was a member of the local bar as a foreign lawyer). She studied law at the University of Oxford (BCL 2009 and MA (Jurisp) (Oxon) 2001)

Julian Bickmann

Julian is a dedicated German attorney specializing in complex commercial and corporate arbitration, fluent in English, Portuguese, and German, leading the Brazilian Desk for cross-border disputes and market entries.

Petrit Elshani

Petrit Elshani is a Kosovo-admitted attorney, specializes in all matters of investment arbitration and international commercial arbitration, and is particularly skilled in investor-State arbitrations, having advised both investors and States in complex, high-stakes disputes.

Sophie Eichhorn

Sophie is a German attorney, specializing in both commercial and investment arbitration. Sophie has a particular interest in public international and European law, transatlantic issues and German-Italian relations.

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Here are some of our most relevant engagements

International post M&A-Dispute (ICC Arbitration)
Counsel to a Polish party in ICC arbitration proceedings and out-of-court negotiations in a post-M&A dispute relating to a 190m EUR transaction
Domestic dispute over the invalidity of the arbitration agreement under Sec. 1032 (2) ZPO (Germany)
Counsel to a US-American provider of co-working spaces in an application regarding the invalidity of the arbitration agreement under Sec. 1032 (2) ZPO
International aviation dispute (ICC Arbitration)
Counsel to a Cypriot aircraft owner against the operator in a tax and customs-related dispute (ICC Arbitration)
International dispute over claims relating to a Croatian Port / Shipyard (ICC Arbitration)
Counsel to a German engineering company in a dispute with a Croatian Port / Shipyard Operator in a dispute (ICC Arbitration) relating to commercial, engineering and construction matters
International post-M&A dispute (DIS Arbitration)
Counsel to a wind park project developer in a dispute with the buyer / post-M&A dispute (DIS Arbitration)
International pharma dispute (ICC Arbitration)
Counsel to a pharmaceutical clinical research organization (CRO) in a dispute with their contractor (ICC Arbitration)


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