The Art of Presenting

John Faulk, founder of Fireside Coaching, has been supporting our team for the past six months with his new “embedded trainer” approach. Once a week, we meet with him in small tandem teams to strengthen and polish our rhetorical skills, focusing on how to present our arguments in an authentic and professional manner with the right degree of power.

One point that has hit home with all of us is his emphasis on good posture (the “Deutsche Eiche”), both when standing and while sitting at the table. As a law firm specializing in Dispute Resolution, the importance of oral advocacy skills cannot be overstated, which is why we’re very happy to have John with us!


About Wagner Arbitration

The law firm WAGNER Arbitration has its offices in Berlin and specializes in dispute resolution with a focus on arbitration. In addition, the firm offers comprehensive counseling services related to domestic and international business disputes and transactions.