Added ADR and in-house expertise

Alexander Steinbrecher, head of a legal department at a global corporation with branches in over 60 jurisdictions, has joined WagArb in an Of Counsel capacity since the beginning of this month. Alexander is one of the most distinguished in-house counsels for dispute resolution and commercial conflict management in Germany.

He has been practicing as in-house lawyer for 10 years now, during which time he implemented an award-winning conflict management system in the company. Alexander is also a licensed mediator. He has therefore become highly experienced at selecting dispute resolution mechanisms that are tailored to the specific needs of commercial companies and knows well how to efficiently facilitate the resolution of disputes.

Alexander regularly lectures on mediation, arbitration and conflict management at various German universities and regularly publishes on these topics. Alexander holds an LL.M. degree from Tulane Law School and a doctorate degree with a topic on commercial conflict management systems. His working languages are English and German.

We are happy and privileged to include such a distinguished dispute resolution expert in our team and look very much forward to working with him.


About Wagner Arbitration

The law firm WAGNER Arbitration has its offices in Berlin and specializes in dispute resolution with a focus on arbitration. In addition, the firm offers comprehensive counseling services related to domestic and international business disputes and transactions.