One step at a time

One step at a time – Raphael Fellmer gave the Third Wagner Arbitration Lecture last Thursday at #HP1 on a very current topic: how do we deal with food waste in a surplus society and around the world? How do we create sustainable food industries? How many other planets do we need, if business is carried on as usual?

Raphael, renowned food-saving activist and founder of the Berlin food-saving impact startup SirPlus invited us to listen closer to our senses rather than senselessly adhering to best-before dates, a skill that proves to be helpful in dispute resolution and contract negotiations just the same.

We are grateful to Raphael for his contribution to our “sustainability initiative” and the impulses he triggered, such as inspiring another best friends law firm to put environment protection on its professional agenda as we learned the next day.

So don’t forget to order your SirPlus office box at https://sirplus.de/pages/landingpage-abo-boxen


Tanya Verma

Tanya Verma is an Indian qualified lawyer currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Dispute Resolution at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She obtained a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration and Legislative Law from a renowned university in India. During her five-year tenure in law school, Tanya had the opportunity to intern under esteemed designated Senior […]

Pablo Ortega Krstulovic

Pablo Ortega Krstulovic is a Chilean-qualified lawyer who joins us as a visiting professional from the new class of the IDR LL.M at HU. He grew up in Arica, Chile and completed his legal education at the University of Chile in Santiago. Before moving to Berlin, Pablo gained experience as an associate lawyer at one of […]

Diego Melendez Hirezi

Diego Melendez Hirezi is a Salvadorean-qualified lawyer. He graduated from the Superior School of Business and Economics of El Salvador. Currently, he is a student in the International Dispute Resolution LL.M program at Berlin Humboldt University. For more than five years, he worked as an associate in the litigation and arbitration department of Arias Law, a […]

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