Congratulations, Dr. Saskia Merle!

Dr. Saskia Merle – Our first good news of the New Year is that the doctoral thesis of our current trainee advocate Saskia Merle has been published and that she has officially been conferred the doctorate title.

Saskia wrote a comparative law dissertation on German and French bankruptcy law at the Universität Regensburg. The Europeanisation of bankruptcy law has reached a new peak with a directive published last June. At the same time, the purposes of bankruptcy procedures differ substantially between Member States. French law, for example, favors restructuring in many areas. In contrast, the German procedure primarily aims to satisfy creditors equally. Against this background, Saskia’s legal analysis examines, among other things, to what extent pre-insolvency restructuring instruments could combine the protection of both creditors and debtors. We congratulate Saskia on this academic achievement, and thank her for providing us with one of the first copies!


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