WagArb congratulates WNT on their successful performance at Bar Bobu

WagArb partner Florian Dupuy (Double Bass) together with fellow WNT members Robin Hartkopf (Drums) and Stefan Merz (Piano) have won cheers from the audience during their first public re-appearance in 2020.

In the fine evening after the Midsummer’s Day, Berliners craving for a sip of beer or wine know that Friedrichshain is the perfect place to go to. Dotted with coffee tables and outdoor seats along the streets, the area is showered with golden sunshine and the birds chirp freely.

Located at one corner in the intersection between Scharnweberstraße and Müggelstraße, Florian, Robin and Stefan have set the stage at Bar Bobu. Complete with red floodlights on both sides and a starry backdrop, the audience was in for a treat.

Formed in 2015, White Noise Trio brought together three talented musicians with passions covering genres such as classical, rock and techno. The soul of the band is the free spirit of jazz with all its improvisations and experimentations interwoven into their musical tapestry.

The result was an unforgettable evening featuring well-known pieces from albums SPECTRUM (2017) and PRISM (2019), as well as new pieces which the band hope to include in their upcoming album.

The full-house of audience loved it. The beauty of the experience was akin to having a river tour of the Milky Way in the Hygge comfort of the Bar Bobu guided by the WNT. At times, the lively notes hopped out from the keyboard just like children playing hopscotch. Sometimes, the lavish waves from the cymbal reminded the audience of a nearby waterfall. And finally, the soothing double bass showed the audience the grandeur of the universe with all the stars and planets awaiting discovery and exploration.

It was a most mesmerizing evening and we congratulate Florian and WNT for bringing another sublime and enchanting performance to the world.


This story is brought to you by Jonathan Wu.


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