Enforcing arbitral awards in Peru

Arbitration & Peru, Peru & Arbitration. Both are partners of an ongoing fruitful relationship since the entry into force of the Legislative Decree N° 1071 in 2008 – one of the most modern sets of rules in the Latin American region, inspired by the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration.

Since then, Peru has revitalized its jurisdiction to attract more investment and to make business work around an arbitration-friendly procedural framework for dispute settlement (see Guzmán- Barrón Sobrevilla, C., & Zúñiga Maravi, R. (2012). “¿Por qué fijar en el Perú la sede de arbitrajes internacionales? Algunas razones”. Arbitraje PUCP).

It is not by chance that arbitration has evolved perhaps at the same pace as the economy of the country: the expanding dynamics of the private sector as well as the role of the State in complex contracts for the construction of infrastructure as well as the purchase of goods and services have facilitated the development of arbitration as a reliable dispute resolution method in contrast to the public litigation system and its ongoing struggles.

In recent years, Peru shapes up as an interesting seat of arbitration which encompasses not only a growing network of active practitioners but also a state-court system committed to aid and not interfere in the proceedings. Moreover, it provides for case law that promotes uniformity in the understanding of arbitration law.

Legal framework

Jurisdiction & procedure before court

Formal and practical requirements

Substantial requirements

Effects, remedies & procedural requests


Laura Castillo

Laura Castillo Mego is a Peruvian qualified-lawyer, candidate of the IDR LL.M. class of 2022/2023 at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. She holds a Bachelor of Laws at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Laura has over 5 years of professional experience in litigation and arbitration teams in different law firms in her home country. She has been […]

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