Lights 💡 – Camera 🎥 – Action 🎬!

The three steps to changing our industry to become more sustainable is to highlight the problem (lights); record our commitment to do better (camera); and most importantly take active steps to improve our conduct (action).

These are the aspects of the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations: The Green Pledge that their Germany rep Laura Halonen highlighted at the start of the DIS40 Nord brunch workshop in Hamburg on 7 September. Her key points:

👉 While it is important for us all to continually educate ourselves on the problem and commit to doing better (by e.g. signing the Green Pledge), the main issue is action, action and more action.

👉 Nobody knows everything. The Green Campaign has created six protocols that address different aspects of our business, but really anyone from the most junior to the most senior member of any team can have ideas on how we can change our practices. This is why we should all speak up, challenge the status quo, make suggestions and learn from each other.

👉 Every workshop like the one organised by Dr. Wajma Mangal and Dr. Malte Stübinger and hosted by MANNER SPANGENBERG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB will inspire us, give us new ideas and remind us that we’re far from the only ones that want change. So let’s get to it! 💚


Laura Halonen

Laura Halonen has been a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales since 2005. Prior to joining WAGNER Arbitration in 2019, she worked for over a decade for leading international law firms in London, Paris and Geneva (where she was a member of the local bar as a foreign lawyer). She studied law […]

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