International Relations in Berlin

Why do lawyers move to Berlin? How to make the best use of an LL.M. degree?

On Wednesday, we welcomed the new batch of students of the International Dispute Resolution LL.M. at Humboldt University for a fireside chat with Philipp K. Wagner on career opportunities in our office.

19 young legal professionals from all over the world gathered in our conference room and introduced us to snacks and drinks from their home countries as well as to some of their personal stories. They come from Brazil, Croatia, Honduras, India, Israel, the Philippines, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, and Russia and have come to Berlin to study international dispute resolution for one year.

We also learned that presumably, the easiest way to learn German is to engage in conversations with natives about the weather. Germans will go on and on and take you from the past tense (weather of the last few days) through the present (wrong clothing today) to the future (recommendations how to dress tomorrow).

What a special gathering in times like these. We are forever grateful.


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