The Art of Persuasion and Poise: Insights from John Faulk

As budding legal professionals, we often perceive a lawyer’s duty is to primarily showcase advocacy skills, effectively presenting a case to secure a win for the client. However, the role of a lawyer encompasses much more, particularly when we find ourselves arguing in court or delivering speeches at conferences or events.

The key element in such situations is not solely legal argumentation but also the importance of effective public speaking, which includes mastering proper body language and communication fundamentals. Thanks to John Faulk, a Berlin-based speaker trainer, sales coach, and story designer, we, Visiting Professionals at WAGNER Arbitration were taught precisely this.

John conducted an interactive workshop, emphasizing the basics of public speaking and effective voice usage. In the initial session, we were asked to introduce ourselves, where he keenly observed our body language, considering the jurisdiction we hail from, since it significantly influences our communication and conduct. He introduced us to the concept of ‘CCG – Control, Connect, and Gesture, which is aimed at fostering genuine connections with the audience and enhancing storytelling through impactful and engaging gestures. This was followed by a discussion on voice modulation during speeches – how to deliver with maximum impact, ensuring engagement and clarity.

In the second session led by him, the emphasis was on Table Talk and the significance of graceful, affirmative gestures. This included the concept of “planting foot” or adopting a “sitting oak” stance, avoiding raised hands at face level, maintaining consistent eye contact, and sitting at the table with a poised, elegant manner that instils confidence.

The sessions also delved into the complexities of public speaking and many other nuances. We express our gratitude to John for dedicating his time to us and facilitating these sessions. Through his guidance, we have come to understand the paramount importance of conducting ourselves with sophistication and grace as young legal professionals. These qualities not only enhance our credibility but also foster trust among our audience, clients, and even the court when advocating our cases. Such refined demeanour is an invaluable asset that will undoubtedly benefit us in our future endeavours within the legal profession.

Further photos of the coaching below:



Tanya Verma

Tanya Verma is an Indian qualified lawyer currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Dispute Resolution at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She obtained a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration and Legislative Law from a renowned university in India. During her five-year tenure in law school, Tanya had the opportunity to intern under esteemed designated Senior […]

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