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Lights 💡 – Camera 🎥 – Action 🎬!

The three steps to changing our industry to become more sustainable is to highlight the problem (lights); record our commitment to do better (camera); and most importantly take active steps ...

ICLG Chapter on International Arbitration in Germany

Out now! The new ICLG Chapter on International Arbitration in Germany, authored by @Joseph Schwartz and @Julian Bickmann, is now available. This comprehensive report provides insights into the relevant arbitration ...

The ARBITRATTORIA is our blog. Originally called the JOURNAL, we decided to rename it because the arbitrattoria stands for everything we do in and outside the office.

The name “arbitrattoria” originates from a Friday lunch format that we came up with at the firm several years ago. One of us would cook a meal for the rest of the team and serve it in our kitchen, oftentimes including special guests and contributions from all four corners of the world.
As the arbitrattoria had to close its doors for almost two years following the outbreak of the pandemic, we decided not only to create a cookbook with recipes of team and alumni, but also started a virtual lunch chat series with guest speakers called the “arbitrattoria lunch bowl”. The format has survived the pandemic and is meanwhile well-established.

With the makeover of our website, we thought it a good opportunity to extend the arbitrattoria concept to our blog and publications. Here, you will find a selection of contributions on arbitration and other legal issues, personal profiles and introductions of new team members, testimonials, event news and much more.
Tasse - 10 Jahre
Watch out because I am now 🔟!

Following several preceding festivities with friends and alumni of WagArb, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary with even more friends of WagArb, specifically those who have supported us by giving us ...

Enforcing arbitral awards in Chile

Chile has a strong tradition of arbitration, as it is generally the preferred dispute resolution method for many commercial entities in the country. It has distinct legal regimes for domestic ...

Enforcing arbitral awards in El Salvador

El Salvador is not a popular destination for international arbitrations. The Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration Law of El Salvador is not based on the current version of the UNICTRAL Model ...

Ain’t no mountain high enough…

… we thought a little over a year ago when we submitted our reasoned proposal to the German Federal Ministry of Justic to permit Kosovo-admitted lawyers to become members of ...

Enforcing arbitral awards in Canada (Ontario)

Canada and its courts have proven to be very arbitration-friendly over the years. Although it is not as popular of a destination as some of the larger international arbitration hubs, ...

Undral Q&A
Enforcing arbitral awards in Mongolia

Arbitration in Mongolia has a long history. The first arbitration rules of Mongolia were adopted in 1930, which was 90 years ago, to resolve disputes between ministries and public companies.