It’s Christmas time

Three months ago, we went on a special tour through Germany for a week with the White Noise Trio, one of Germany’s most inventive modern jazz trios.

As you know, our Of Counsel Florian Dupuy is not only a brilliant lawyer, but also WNT’s gifted double bass player. We have been supporters for two years now, ever since the production of the Trio’s first album “Spectrum”.

We all thought it was high time the White Noise Tour went on a concert tour and we organized venues in Hannover, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin on five consecutive evenings, invited our families and friends, clients and business partners to five truly special jazz concerts, and had a fabulous time on the road in our WNT tour bus.

Recent extreme right and neo-Nazi attacks and incidents in Saxony have prompted the Trio to donate the proceeds of the tour to the “Kulturbüro Sachsen e.V,”, an NGO dedicated to promoting the notion and continued development of democracy in Saxony. We have decided to join in and have raised a total amount of EUR 1,000 which we have donated to the NGO in this first week of Advent.

Season’s greetings everyone!


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