The role of the legal community in advancing peace

Join us for our 18th lunch bowl on 24 February 2023. On this day, one year ago, Russia started its full-scale war in Ukraine. The topic will therefore be „The role of the legal community in advancing peace“.

The lunch bowl will begin with a key note from Oleksandra Matviichuk, a Ukrainian human rights lawyer and civil society leader, head of the NGO Centre for Civil Liberties that was awarded the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.

After Olga Hamama, the co-founder and president of an international NGO United for Ukraine (UFU), Polina Lehmann, its co-founder and legal lead and Anastasiia Koziak, UFU’s legal assistant, will talk about how UFU’s journey began, where it is now and what are the next steps.

United for Ukraine is an international NGO that started operating on the first day of the war. Within the first days of its existence it managed to gather support from more than 200 lawyers from 20 jurisdictions.

Today, United for Ukraine is dedicated to empowering Ukrainians through critical services, including legal aid in 40 countries. United for Ukraine managed to solve more than 6.000 legal cases, provide critical information to more than 200.000 people and help more than 12.000 people find free temporary housing.

Despite the progress made by UFU and its partners, the situation in Ukraine remains dire. The war continues to take its toll on people from Ukraine, and the international legal community must do more to ensure that those affected receive the help they need.

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