WagArb warmly welcomes Vishwanath Petkar as Visiting Professional!

Vishwanath is a candidate of the International Dispute Resolution LL.M. program of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Law (Distinction) from the University of Central Lancashire and graduated summa cum laude from Université Paris Panthéon-Assas with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. (Hons)).

Prior to joining the IDR LL.M. program, Vishwanath worked as legal assistant at DDG Avocats and Afralaw Chambers, where he was involved in several matters involving commercial law, international arbitration, public international law and Mauritian administrative and environmental law.

He is the current Youth Ambassador for Finance and Economic development under the Youth Ambassador Program of the Mauritian government, and previously volunteered as Staff Editor at JURIST News, an international legal news service.

We look very much forward to working with him and have so many questions…

What was your first job?

My first job was as a cashier at a relative’s Indian restaurant.

Breakfast or dinner?


What do you cook when you spontaneously have friends over for dinner?

My ‘go to’ dish would be a combination of the “Cheese Naan” which is an Indian flatbread stuffed with cheese and the ‘Maha Brinjal’, a spiced Indian-style eggplant curry.

Mountains or Seaside?

As a Mauritian, I can’t help but choose the seaside.

If you could meet someone famous, dead or alive, who would it be?

Esther Duflo and ‎Abhijit Banerjee (Can’t choose one over the other).

Which was your favorite place to live so far?

I guess it would depend on the season. I am secretly enamoured with the Parisian summer, but would prefer to spend my winters back home in Mauritius.

Digital or analogue?


Favorite time of day?

The afternoon.

Window or aisle seat?

Window seat.

Country you wish to visit?


What song will always get you on the dancefloor?

Dancing Queen by ABBA

Good advice you’ve received?

To be brave enough to embrace new opportunities, even if you think you are unqualified or don’t deserve the role.

Most played on your music playlist right now?

There is something about ‘Until I Found You’ by Stephen Sanchez that just makes me hit the repeat button.

Favorite holiday?

I am particularly attached to Diwali celebrations back home in Mauritius.

Which movie can you watch over and over?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Three words to describe your hometown, Curepipe?

Small, rainy and comfy.

Three words to describe Berlin.

Cool, defiant and unrestrained.

Night owl or early bird?

Night Owl.

Favorite pizza topping?

No toppings at all. My ‘go to’ option is always the Margherita.



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