Bienvenido, Laura Castillo Mego!

Laura Castillo Mego is a Peruvian qualified-lawyer, candidate of the IDR LL.M. class of 2022/2023 at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. She holds a Bachelor of Laws at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Laura has over 5 years of professional experience in litigation and arbitration teams in different law firms in her home country. She has been involved in civil litigation, arbitration, post-arbitration, contentious administrative and constitutional cases.

She has been a teaching assistant in civil and procedural law lectures in the law faculty of Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Currently, she is part of Arbitral Women and of its mentorship program.

We look very much forward to working with Laura and have so many questions…

What was your first job?

Working in a bubble tea store in Lima.

Breakfast or dinner?

Love breakfasts, and must be protein-based to kick off the day in the best way.

What do you cook when you spontaneously have friends over for dinner?

Pasta or tuna salad could be the best meals to improvise.

Mountains or Seaside?

Impossible to choose only one. It is because my home country provides both and I have been blessed to enjoy their uniqueness.

If you could meet someone famous, dead or alive, who would it be?

Viola Davis. She is a great actress and I perceive is also an incredible person. Her role as a criminal lawyer in How to get away with murder was astonishing.

Which was your favorite place to live so far?

Berlin so far. I am enjoying this city very much, there is always something new around.

Digital or analogue?

It depends, on the moment. Lawyer’s answer for this one.

Favorite time of day?

Lunch after a very productive morning.

Window or aisle seat?

Any, what matters for me is the travel destination.

Country you wish to visit?

Italy, its landscapes appear to be out of a dream.

What song will always get you on the dancefloor?

I follow rivers (The Magician Remix) – Lykke Li

Good advice you’ve received?

“Try today to be a better person than yesterday, and tomorrow try to be a better person than today”

Biggest pet peeve?

Being late or running out of time.

Most played on your music playlist right now?

TQG – Shakira & Karol G

Favorite holiday?

My birthday, which is a holiday! On worker’s day.

Last new thing you learned?

The different legal perspectives as regards the Vis Moot case of this year.

Which movie can you watch over and over?

Little Miss Sunshine, my favourite movie.

Three words to describe Berlin.

Historic, diverse, vibrant.

Three words to describe your hometown, Lima.

Colorful, bustling, growing.

Night owl or early bird?

Early bird. Once you start the late twenties one could struggle to go back to a night owl routine.

Favorite pizza topping?

Mushrooms, and not only as a pizza topping. Food in general is better with mushrooms.


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