A Decade of WagArb with Team and Alumni!

On Saturday, WagArb reached a milestone in its journey, marking exactly ten years of existence since its establishment in Berlin-Mitte on a warm and sunny 1 July 2013.

And so, we invited each and every person that ever worked in this firm in whatever capacity, now spread across all four corners of the world, to throw a fitting anniversary bash – and what a bash it turned out to be!

Given Philipp’s Bavarian origins, the day started with a Bavarian Brotzeit – a simple meal fit for champions.

It continued with the solemn opening of the WagArbGames, which turned into a series of challenging disciplines ranging from teabag distance tossing to a creative photo-taking competition.

In the end, we set sail on the magnificent Johanna, which took us all the way to Müggelsee. Florian transformed himself into our resident DJ, and we transformed the boat cabin to a dancefloor.

We celebrated well into the night. We laughed, cheered, and were inspired by the stories and experiences we shared in this firm. Our 10th-anniversary jubilee will hold a special place in our memories. Here’s to everyone who contributed to making WagArb what it is today – and to the next decade of camaraderie in the WagArb spirit!

This was the second out of a total of four anniversary events. Stay tuned!


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