Welcome, Tanya!

Tanya Verma is an Indian qualified lawyer currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Dispute Resolution at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She obtained a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration and Legislative Law from a renowned university in India. During her five-year tenure in law school, Tanya had the opportunity to intern under esteemed designated Senior Advocates and King’s Counsel (previously Queen’s counsel), where she gained insight into arbitration matters. Thereafter, she joined a law firm in New Delhi, where she worked on matters pertaining to commercial domestic arbitration and argued final hearing matters before the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in law, Tanya also joined the Goethe Institute in India to learn German.

Tanya is proficient in English and Hindi and is furthering her German language skills.

We look very much forward to working with Tanya and have so many questions


What was your first job?  

My first job was an internship at the chambers of a renowned Senior Advocate in New Delhi, where I worked on matters pertaining to criminal litigation.


Breakfast or dinner?

Breakfast, I love making smoothie bowls alongside a freshly brewed cup of coffee.


What do you cook when you spontaneously have friends over for dinner?

My friends love the pesto pasta I make from scratch. It’s always a hit!


Mountains or Seaside?

I love Mountains. I have great memories of going on family road trips to the mountains in Uttarakhand, India. We loved hiking, watching the clouds, and enjoying sipping on coffee while watching the sunset.


If you could meet someone famous, dead or alive, who would it be?

I deeply regret not having had the opportunity to meet the late Fali S. Nariman, an esteemed Indian jurist who passed away in January 2024. Nariman was widely renowned as an expert in international arbitration, earning international recognition for his contributions to the field. He played a significant role in shaping India’s legal landscape, serving as an inspiration to generations of individuals committed to advocating for a fair and just society.


Which was your favorite place to live so far?

During my internship, I lived in Mumbai, often referred to as the “City of Dreams.” Mumbai boasts a diverse array of attractions, from its picturesque beaches to its vibrant restaurant scene, attracting a mix of learned and educated individuals. In this bustling metropolis, there is a place for everyone to thrive and find their niche.


Digital or analogue?

Digital. Technology has significantly enhanced convenience and efficiency in our lives.


Favorite time of day?

In the evening, I enjoy brewing myself a comforting cup of coffee, allowing me to unwind and reflect on the day’s productivity and accomplishments.


Window or aisle seat?

Aisle seat. It provides additional legroom and allows for easy access without needing to disturb fellow passengers.


Country you wish to visit?

Norway. Witnessing the Northern Lights has been a long-standing item on my bucket list.


What song will always get you on the dancefloor?

The song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. It instantly brightens my mood and gets me on the dancefloor.


Good advice you’ve received?

During a moment of self-doubt regarding my future plans, my brother, who is eight years older than me and practices law in New Delhi, encouraged me not to question my goals and dreams, reminding me that they were instilled within me for a purpose. His words resonated deeply, urging me to persevere in my endeavors and trust that, when the time is right, my aspirations will come to fruition.


Biggest pet peeve?

When people chew loudly and drag their feet while walking.


Most played on your music playlist right now?

Hotel California by Eagles.


Favorite (public) holiday?

I am from India, so it has to be Diwali a.k.a festival of lights.


Last new thing you learned?

I experimented with making Pad Thai at home, and it turned out delicious!


Which movie can you watch over and over?

Liar Liar, I love Jim Carrey.


Three words to describe Berlin?

Vibrant, diverse and historic.


Three words to describe your hometown New Delhi?

As a native of New Delhi, the capital of India, I would describe it as historically rich, lush with greenery, and home to affluent residents.


Night owl or early bird?

Early bird, I love my morning routine.


Favorite pizza topping?

Parma Ham!


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